All the stone I use comes from our own land. Preseli Bluestone is an extremely hard stone with an unpredictable compressed crystalline interior structure that can be riddled with ferrous oxide flaws. It has to be one of the more difficult and frustrating materials to work with. No two pieces are the same, a bit like beings, which of course is also what draws me to this wonderful stone.

Preseli Bluestone can range in colour from pale greyish to blueish to green. When polished it can have an intricate, almost scale-like appearance with no spots at all or be full of amazing patterns of spots ranging from white to orangey yellow. Patterns which can sometimes resemble the cosmos or sometimes the surface of ancient crazed porcelain. Often there are spots at one end of a piece of stone and yet none at the other. The spots, usually feldspar, can be large or like a mist running through the stone. I love the way some spots can sometimes resemble silhouette faces and forms, star constellations, or hearts.

I suppose a lot depends on how you look at things though doesn't it.

Apologies to anyone who has had to wait for items to appear on the Lost Stones web site or has waited for something special I'm making to order for them, but there is only me on the making side of things. From selecting the right piece of stone from our land through to the final polish, I do the lot - so please be patient. I'll let you in on a secret - my hardest task when I make something from Preseli Bluestone is having to give it up.

For those that asked - most of my work is inspired by my thoughts of the people who used to live and love in the ancient settlements in the hills, and the sort of things they maybe would have liked to hold and look at - if that makes any sense. I like to leave a trace of the outer crust on some work because the colours and patterns remind me of the brown speckled backs of the fingerling trout that shelter for a while in the little pond below the hills. They flash on again into the flooding streams that crease this landscape on the journey from hills to sea.

When you walk on a beach of stones why do you feel drawn to pick up certain stones and put them in your pocket?

Why does someone else maybe choose totally different ones?

Is the stone calling to you personally?

Is it a lost stone looking for a home?

I suppose it really does depend on how you look at these things doesn't it?

Thank you for your interest in my work and I hope you find the right piece for you, if not please ask us.