I have to say, if you want a little piece of the magic of Stonehenge in your life, there's simply no better way to go. The service, ethos and uniqueness of Lost Stones really is something special. Your products really are a marvellous reason to fall in love with Stonehenge all over again. As to the service... well the word 'impeccable' comes to mind...

Martin, Australia

The stones arrived today and they're wonderful. They're on the table next to me as I type this. They're surrounding a small candle, casting some great shadows. Thank you so much for these. I'll definitely keep checking your site in the future. I'm sure people will ask me where I found these!

Stephanie, USA

I recieved the bluestones yesterday. Thank you they are great. When I unpacked them I had such a feeling of "rightness" They felt so good!

Elizabeth, USA

Just to let you know that the Bluestones I purchased from you have arrived safely, and are absolutely beautiful.

Phillipa, UK

The Bluestone arrived this morning, and like the others is stunning.

Angela, UK

Now to the Dolmen . It gives immidiatly the impression that the stones are subject of thousand years of weathering and he gives the fealing that he is made in the same time as de real Pentre Ifan ........When I packed out, the stone where fealing "normal " but when I assembled it, there was the shok. What a power ....... I posses a large range of healing stones, even stones coming from Dolmens over the world, so as menhirs and holy place of indians in the USA; (All obtained leagaly) But no one so powerfull as this Dolmen.Thanks again.

Jean, Belgium


An amazing piece of work. There is something very wondrous about this tool; a kind of deep, subtle magick.

Absolutely Stunning!!! This is my second purchase from this seller (one from Etsy and one from eBay); this is a great seller. You will not be disappointed. Highly Recommended! Not all Preseli Bluestone is the same: The stone this seller has access to is "touched by the hand of God" perfect!

This is a great pendant. The power blew me away! If you want to feel the power of Stonehenge and what our ancient ancestors felt, check out this site. Owners in Wales, very nice to work with. Packages came sooner than expected. Thank you, my pendant is a treasure to me!

What a wonderful athame...the one I've been looking for all my life!!! and I have to say it was so eager to escape it's mailing confines that it was rattling in it's cylinder before I even had a chance to open it!!! thank you so much...beautifully made from lovely magickal stone!!! it truly has a life of it's own...

Such a beautiful piece. It is the perfect size and the color of the stone is absolutely stunning. The athame was shipped carefully and with much care. You can tell that the stone from PreseliBluestone is loved from the time it is constructed to when it is shipped. Thank you so much for your kindness. I will be ordering more from here soon!

This stone is wonderfully crafted to be smooth as silk and a perfect companion stone for your pocket. It fits in the palm your power hand and radiates good Celtic energy from long ago. I've ordered several as well as the "standing stone" versions of this bluestone from Preseli and am pleased with all their stone art.

This is a beautiful stone, and the energy coming off of it is amazing! The visions that come from working with such a powerful crystal are otherworldly. I also truly appreciate the process that this shop goes through to make their pieces- they keep it natural and honor the ways of old. I highly recommend this shop.

This is an amazingly high quality item, and I am so very happy with my purchase. It's perhaps the most lovely piece of Preseli Bluestone in my collection, a genuine treasure.

Wonderful piece with powerful energy

Well crafted and beautiful item. Love it and will wear it.

Stunning! Another wonderful purchase for your shop and I am delighted with it!

WOW! Finally I found a travel athame that is SPECIAL!!!

Fantastic addition to my healing stones..fantastis quality

So lovely I had to go back for more!

Amazing stone, I adore this wand already

Beautiful stones, crafted with honor and integrity,each naturally expressive,wow

Felt like these stones knew me, very alive. I am very happy.

Was in awe of the wand!!! Thank you so much!!

Beautiful stone; I am amazed. The energy feels gemlike, yet different. Wonderful.

Amazing Stones Shipped Quick with Unsurpassed Customer Service Total Delight

Wand is wonderful. Seller is wonderful. Fantastic transaction.

Pride of place crystals

Excellent, old man is happy.

Accurate, fast and friendly. One happy Druid. Thank you. Blessed Be.

Very special pieces - got 2 pocket athames for my husband and myself. Powerful!

Just a gorgeous keepsake! The power emanating from this is palpable! Thanks!!

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