Carn Alw

Preseli Bluestone stones were used to construct the original Stonehenge - later they were moved to form the inner horseshoe shape. The surface has a 'crust' formed as a result of several thousand years of weathering. When broken the inside can have the characteristic spotting of white 'stars' (although some is quite plain with no spotting) - it is thought by some that the ancients may have been drawn to the spotted stones partly because of the resemblance to the cosmos or maybe a belief in the healing powers of the stone.

The presence of Bluestone may bring vividly detailed and significant dreams to some people ...... It is also said to have immense healing and protective properties and people often find that Bluestone feels warm to the touch and makes powerful altar pieces.

The Preseli hills are rich in deposits of Preseli Bluestone, most of which is on protected sites. No-one is actively quarrying Preseli Bluestone in the Preseli Hills.

All our stone comes from our own land which has glacial deposits of Preseli Bluestone from the nearby hills.

It has been proved that a lot of the stones at Stonehenge are of an identical mineral composition to stone from this area.


There are people who would claim all sorts of ‘facts’ about various stones and crystals. It is always wise to ask what research these ‘facts’ are based on.

Our research seems to indicate most of these 'facts' are, at best, personal belief. At worst, total invention for commercial gain.

Having said that, we do believe that Preseli Bluestone is indeed a very special stone.

Whether it's spotted or unspotted - rough, smooth or polished, and whatever shape it is - one only has to hold a piece to feel this to be true.

We think it should be up to individuals to make their own discoveries rather than follow the dictates of self appointed ‘experts’.

To be open minded people surely we must make up our own minds through our own independent research and learning.

That's why we supply all types of Preseli Bluestone to all types of people all over the world - why not check out our Testimonials page.

The facts we do respect are usually from people who appear to have nothing to gain and have done the research to check out their ‘facts’.